Want to stay connected without distraction
for safer driving?

Squido holds your phone securely in your car, making it look like it hovers in front of the dashboard.
It's the invisible phone holder, available in pink, blue, green and black!

  • For car use
  • Safe navigation
  • Easy music control

Amazing suction power
holds your phone securely

Squido's industrial grade German-made suction cup is nothing like your household suckers! It has 5kg lifting capacity for secure mounting!

Compatible with iPhone, Android
& many more!

So easy to install that it can be used in several cars! See the super-short user manual for more.

The world's lightest phone holder
Only 6 grams!

Squido is made out of the bare minimum of materials and after years of use it can be burned with household waste to recoup energy!


Squido is developed in Sweden and made in Europe to give you the best possible quality!